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About Lucy Gray

Lucy brings over 20 years of experience and a passion for excellence to any endeavor. Known for her work ethic and professional generosity, she views technology and new media as essentials in facilitating educational and societal change.

She began her career in the Chicago Public Schools as an elementary school teacher and more recently, she worked at the University of Chicago in a variety of roles related to educational technology. Lucy served as a middle school computer science teacher at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and as a technology coach at the Urban Education Institute. Her most recent position has been at the University’s Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education as an education technology specialist, and then as a consultant on a elementary science curriculum project.

Currently an independent consultant, Lucy enjoys advising a variety of non-profit institutions and businesses on 21st century learning initiatives. Projects include facilitating a global education online community and conference for educators, speaking at state and national education conferences, conducting workshops for professional development organizations, and leading a mobile learning initiative sponsored by the Consortium for School Networking.

During the course of her work, Lucy has had the opportunity to observe many schools and confer with educators around the world regarding best practices in teaching and learning. Her involvement in the prestigious Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher communities has contributed to the development of a vast professional network which informs her professional practice on a continual basis.

Based on these experiences, Lucy understands that educational technology should play a pivotal role in modernizing education. She can guide strategic planning efforts for schools interested in incorporating best educational technology practices into their communities and inspire educators to think differently about teaching and learning.

Among her varied professional interests, Lucy is particularly interested in projects related to the design of learning environments, mobile learning, digital equity, information literacy, and global education. She possesses deep knowledge of social media, and is available to advise educational institutions, non-profits, and businesses on how to leverage Web 2.0 tools for teaching, learning and publicity purposes.

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